After first appearing in Rep, Ben began his career doing sketch comedy. Shortly after he started to appear as an actor in TV shows such as Spatz, Streetwise, Crime Monthly and The Bill.

He has been in numerous stage plays and shows and has toured extensively throughout the UK and Ireland, as well as appearing at the San Francisco Fringe festival, The Edinburgh Festival and in the West End, where he worked with David Tennant, Andy Serkis, Mark Benton, Rupert Graves, Jenny Seagrove, Susannah Doyle, and Jessica Watson in Hurlyburly.

After appearing in over a dozen short films, Ben then moved into feature films. He played bit parts in the independent feature films Written in Blood and Left for Dead, and since 2005 has appeared in many other feature films, which include independent and more mainstream movies.

Since then Ben has played lead roles, character parts, as well as the odd bit parts in feature films such as Ten Dead Men (narrated by the Horror Legend Doug Bradley), Dark Secrets (with actor and martial artist Gary Daniels), Counterfeit Butterfly, Bad Day (with Sarah Harding from 'Girl's Aloud'), Bloodmyth, Dark Rage, The Firm, The Shouting Men (with Craig Fairbrass) and a lead in Greetings with Ken Colley (The Empire Strikes back, Return Of The Jedi, Life of Brian and Firefox with Clint Eastwood). 

Ben's recent feature films include The Landlord, On The Ropes (in which he co-starred with Mark Noyce and Joe Egan), the Danny Dyer movie Vendetta in which Ben played Terry, the feature film Death (aka After Death) in which he played one of the leads with Leslie Phillips, he played Steve Stanton in The Legend Of The Mad Axeman, and also worked with Lou 'The Hulk' Ferrigno in the movie Instant Death.  He is also in the short film All In A Days Work in which he co-stars with Mark Benton and Paul Kavanagh, and also found the time to be in the promo A Naughty Thing Called Life in which he played ex bodybuilder and stunt-man Papa Spyk, as well as another short film Alex Hummingson The Movie. Ben is currently shooting the movie The Blazing Cannon's with Mark Noyce, Shaun Williamson, and Ciaran O'Quigley (who appeared in the movie A Bunch Of Amateurs with Burt Reynolds one of Ben's heroes) which should wrap in April 2016. Before then Ben will be shooting his scenes for the movie Kaleidoscope Man which features Toyah Willcox and Lucy Drive. He will play Billy McCoy.

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