Here you will find all the latest News and information about what Ben has been up to and what he will be working on next.


BEN has just completed filming on the Proof Of Concept film project THE ROAD TO HELL in which he played STAN one of the lead roles. It's about truck drivers, and is set in 2005.

Feature film DARKHEART MANOR in which BEN plays one of the leads along-side LESLIE PHILLIPS, LINAL HAFT, PAUL FREEMAN, MICHAEL McKELL, and NICK MORAN to name but a few will be released sometime in 2020. Directed by MARTIN GOOCH.

Shooting on Indie feature film DAN HAWK PSYCHIC DETECTIVE (written by, co-directed by and starring BEN) is currently on hold due to COVID 19. The project WILL be finished. Check back for updates. First teaser TRAILER can be viewed at this link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4epbKz3CfI Produced by THE EDGE COLLEGE FOLKESTONE and AT THE DROP OF A HAT PRODUCTIONS.

Indie comedy cop buddy crime spoof THE BLAZING CANNONS is now available in the USA, RUSSIA, SOUTH KOREA, and CANADA on either DVD, VOD or in some places both. BEN plays MARION STEEL the co-lead. There are now also a few copies available in the UK.

Check out the British Comedy Guide, and Britlicks for more details.


Micro budget indie feature film AXECALIBUR (aka Legend Of The Mad Axeman) gets Amazon Prime USA release. Another cameo appearance for BEN as STEVEN STANTON.

INVASION PLANET EARTH gets UK, USA and CANADIAN release on DVD and VOD. BEN plays the role of BILLY MCCOY.

The web series REBECCA GOLD (Season 1) in which BEN played ZAID continues to win AWARDS all over the world. BEN will return as ZAID in REBECCA GOLD Season 2.

BEN has begun shooting on the feature film COLD FEAR in which he plays the role of HUDSON. A horror-thriller set in the Arctic in 1907.

BEN is currently between agents.

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