Here you will find all the latest News and information about what Ben has been up to and what he will be working on next.


The DAN HAWK PSYCHIC DETECTIVE novella written by DEBORAH JONES,based on the Screenplay of the same name by BEN, will be released by Wealden Strand Publishers sometime in June 2023. It will be available on Amazon, as a paperback and a Kindle edition. It will also be stocked at Folkestone Bookshop in Tontine Street.

BEN'S 2023 Showreel is available to view on You Tube. Just search Ben Shockley Showreel 2023. It's currently the 2nd video from the top.

The 2nd DAN HAWK PSYCHIC DETECTIVE trailer is now available to view on Britflicks via You Tube.

The short film THE STUNT written by and starring BEN and PAUL KAVANAGH has now been released onto the internet. It can be viewed on Britflicks, You Tube, Vimeo, Face Book (via Ben's page), Twitter, and Linked In. 

BEN has just recorded the voice of BIRTCH in the short animation film I AM TREE written by THERESA COLE. The film also features voices by MARK BENTON, KEN COLLEY, and GEORGE IRVING to name but a few.

BEN has just wrapped on the short film INFERNAL CREATIONS. THe film starred MARK BENTON, KEN COLLEY, and BEN himself. Directed by ANDY COUGHLAN. 

BEN recently wrapped on the indie feature film THE MINER'S SON in which he played SMUDGE. The film stars DAVID EASTER.

Trailer drops for indie feature film THE MOTHMAN TAPES Directed by PHILIP MEARNS. Watch the trailer at: https://www.britflicks.com/blog/post/18316/film-trailer-drops-for-british-found-footage-horror-movie-the-mothman-tapes/?fbclid=IwAR1bgqQO7xq26h7g9cNyulQdbU0M_T9-Rq5UNPqh4oPq7d9KXrzFuWuPqms#

Very exciting DAN HAWK news!! Local Hythe author DEBBY JONES is currently turning DAN HAWK PSYCHIC DETECTIVE into a novel! The book will be available to buy on Amazon. Stay tuned for the release date!! https://www.facebook.com/TheClementsChronicles 

BEN has resumed shooting on the indie feature COLD FEAR.

A mystery 80's music icon plays a cameo in DAN HAWK PSYCHIC DETECTIVE at the end of the movie. You'll have to watch the film when it's released to find out who it is!! :) 

 Indie feature film DAN HAWK PSYCHIC DETECTIVE has finally wrapped. BEN would like to thank everybody who contributed to the movie. 

Ben was chuffed to get the following compliment from composer Kim Kluge who along with his wife Kathryn composed the music for the Martin Scorsese film SILENCE. 'I believe Ben is a unique artist and I truly hope that we will be able to collaborate on another project in the future.'

 I am very proud to announce that the opening credits theme to DAN HAWK has been especially composed by PAUL GODFREY of MORCHEEBA. 

Check out first teaser trailer for indie feature DAN HAWK PSYCHIC DETECTIVE:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4epbKz3CfI 

BEN is currently represented by SPOTLIGHT.

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